Quality Without Compromise

All our glass shower doors (including frameless shower doors) are manufactured at our own facility, which translate to higher quality and lower prices for our customers. See how we stand apart from the crowd. That’s why we’re super confident in the high quality and affordability of all our glass shower stalls we offer.

Our parent company, Ocean Sanitary is the largest manufacturer of glass shower doors in the world. Before entering the Canadian market we have spent years distributing to wholesale and retail stores in Europe and we are the top provider of all types of glass based shower doors and shower stalls in Germany, Ireland and UK.

Through our continuous improvement in design and quality, particularly in frameless shower doors we have built a strong reputation in Europe for providing high quality glass shower stalls and doors that are elegant  and competitively priced.

glass shower doors

This design has a number of advantages over the more traditional style: they are elegant, timeless, simple, and allow more natural light in to create a relax space and higher energy efficiency. It’s not hard to see why glass showers have been so welcomed by home owners and gaining in popularity year after year.

Unfortunately, however, the high price tags of these fixtures have keep the majority of home owners unable to enjoy them. But at OceanShower we are going to change that.

We are an industry pioneering company with the goal to make fashionable and durable shower stalls with automotive grade tempered glass, high quality stainless steel parts and exceptionally smooth rollers & rails affordable for everyone through our Manufacturer Direct Pricing.

Check out our online catalogue and arrange a time to visit our warehouse gallery.

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The Big Deal With Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Tempered glass is glass that is “baked” at a much higher temperature. This hardens the glass making it much more durable. When it does break, it shatters into smaller pieces instead of large sharp shards.

Check out these videos for more info on why tempered glass showers are so much safer and better.

Not All Glass Shower Doors Are The Same

At Ocean Shower we only use the highest quality tempered glass with Automotive Grade Toughened Glass Technology (AGTG).

Safety is our #1 priority.

European BS6206 certified, our glass achieves the highest number of particle in crushing test conducted by 3rd party agent. This means when our glass shatter due to extreme temperature (very rarely but possible for all glass) or external force, it will break into smaller pieces and greatly reduce potential injuries.

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Frameless Glass Shower Doors.
Luxury you can feel

Everything you see and touch is crafted with the highest standard.
Our glass is made with automotive grade toughened tempered glass. Handle bars, hinges and rollers are made with 18-8 stainless steel.
We believe true luxury goes beyond quality material and technology. Modern European design is in the core of our products because we have been suppling to Germany, Ireland, UK, and etc., for eight years.

frameless shower doors & shower stalls

Your perfect bath starts from our showroom

Create your own perfect personal retreat so you can rejuvenate after a hard day. It’s easy, just contact us for an appointment so that we can walk you through our products without waiting and distraction. Don’t forget to ask us about our shipping and installation services.

Our Promise & Commitment

If you have any suggestions or are not happy about any aspect of the process, simply let us know and we will do everything we can to make it right. That’s our promise and commitment to being your one-stop-solution of high quality glass shower doors, frameless shower doors, and glass shower stalls of all kinds.