Special Event

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Check out our special event for top of the class glass showers and doors at manufacture direct prices here. Don’t forget to ask us about contractor pricing if you purchase more than one.

Shower Safety – Something You Should Know

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Here is a loaded question. What is more dangerous? Showering in tap water or drinking it? Obviously, having been told that this is a loaded question, you’re likely thinking that there’s something to the whole showering bit. And you would be right. But why? To help you understand, here are a few well-known facts. Just reading them in one place … Read More

Glass Shower Stalls: Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Limited Space

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Most people think that there are few possibilities when it comes to designing and arranging a small space. Take a simple bathroom, for instance, which can barely accommodate a bathtub—will you have several design choices? Actually, you do. Start with glass shower stalls that can easily enhance the look and functionality of what could have been a simple bathroom. With … Read More