Frosted Or Clear? Framed Or Frameless? Choices For Your Glass Shower Door

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Clear Or Frosted (White) Glass?

As you can imagine, this is more or less a matter of taste for the most part. However, there are a couple of other factors to consider. The very first and crucial thing you need to take into consideration is the intensity of light in your shower if you utilize white (or frosted) glass as opposed to clear glass. It subtracts a fair amount of light and that is something that can end up developing a relatively claustrophobic environment in your shower enclosure. But if there is a light source just over your shower you will most likely be alright with the white glass.

If there isn’t one very close by or directly over the shower, you may be better of using clear glass. Of course, there is always a possibility of using a mix of both clear and frosted glass. This blend normally consists of using white glass up to approximately around the head height and then continues upward with clear glass to the ceiling. This allows for privacy while allowing more light to come into the shower to brighten it compared to a shower fully done with only white glass.

Mounted Or Frameless?

Glass shower doors are available in numerous countless dimensions, though most of them come pre-made to standard sizes. Whatever their sizes, the most distinguishing characteristic is the frame or the way it’s mounted. There are basically two types: framed shower doors and frameless shower doors.

frameless glass shower door

The frameless alternative looks a lot more sophisticated and trendy while providing other additional advantages. For example, it is much simpler to clean up, which helps to improve your bathroom’s overall cleanliness. The downsides of this option is that your costs will be approximately 40% higher in addition to the increased installation fee.

Of course, not all frameless shower doors are the same. You can add your own personalized touch and style as the picture below.

hinge glass shower door

But you will note that this is will considered frameless (even though it looks like it has frames) because the term “frame” refers to the railing that’s installed for sliding doors. The above stylized shower door operates on hinges, which makes it fall under the “frameless” category.

More About Mounting Options

When people talk about framed glass shower doors, they typically mean the sliding glass doors with frames or rails mounted along the top, bottom and sides of the shower where the doors are installed.

For frameless glass doors, the crucial hardware is the set of mounts that will hold the glass panels securely in their place because they don’t have any rails that help to hold or guide the door. The frameless doors use brackets and hinge to allow the doors to swing open and closed. They are deceptively very strong and can hold very heavy and thick tempered glass doors with ease and provide a solid structural foundation.