Glass Shower Doors Can Create a Luxurious Walk-In Shower for Your Home

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Bathrooms of today are designed with particular focus on your comfort and relaxation, thus it’s not surprising that most bathrooms very much resemble upscale spas. One way to add elegance in your bathroom is with the addition of a walk-in shower.

Walk-in showers give your bathroom a functional and modern appearance. With glass shower doors, you can easily divide your bathroom into different distinct areas without visual clutter or making it appear smaller. In designing an elegant walk-in shower, several factors must be taken into consideration.

Walk-in Shower

The Shower’s Width

The width of your shower determines how roomy it will be, so it’s best to have the correct measurements before doing anything else. Generally, most people will need at least 39 inches of width; about the width of lifted arms from elbow to elbow. To have a roomier shower space, it’s best to have a space that’s between 40 and 42 inches wide.

Natural Light

Adding numerous light bulbs may be your idea of illuminating your bathroom, but nothing beats bathing your shower with natural light. This divine look can easily be achieved by adding a window or a skylight in your bathroom.

Adding Accessories and Accents

Choosing stylish tile accents and decorative accessories is also an important part in designing a walk-in shower. For instance, something as simple as installing the soap dish on the same side of the shower as the showerhead can emphasize the elegance of a shower. It’s also important that you choose a non-skid floor to minimize the risk of accidents.

Design Trends

After carefully considering these factors, it’s time to look for design inspirations based on emerging trends. For one, you can have a nature-inspired bath, which can be achieved by using a combination of stone and wood. There are an endless variety of styles to choose from that it’s impossible to suggest them all here. Feel free to look through magazines to get your initial spark of inspiration.

What makes these walk-in showers so popular nowadays? Firstly, these showers are both safer and easier to use, compared to tubs or regular showers. It also allows you to have extra space in your bathroom, giving you more freedom to move around and relax.

The best walk-in showers make use of glass or frameless shower doors, so make sure to check out the full line-up from companies like Ocean Bath and More, whose products can easily transform any bathroom into an elegant space like those found in spas and luxury homes.

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