Glass Shower Stalls: Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Limited Space

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Most people think that there are few possibilities when it comes to designing and arranging a small space. Take a simple bathroom, for instance, which can barely accommodate a bathtub—will you have several design choices? Actually, you do. Start with glass shower stalls that can easily enhance the look and functionality of what could have been a simple bathroom. With the right glass shower enclosure and the following design tips, your small bath can hit the bigtime.

Glass Shower Door


Installing a hot tub isn’t the only way to get a spa-like bathroom in your home. Turn your walk-in shower into a place of good vibes and all things zen by repeating the tile inset from the bathroom floor on the walls and ceiling, and installing low-flow rain-style showerheads that can bring on that relaxing rain sensation. You may also add a steam generator if you prefer a steam shower and a transom window for better air circulation.

Larger than It Is

Needless to say, setting up a small bathroom entails strategies that create a spacious atmosphere. Note that the basic ingredient of a larger-looking walk-in shower is a seamless design, which lets light flow smoothly between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Opt for shower enclosures with frameless glass shower doors, utilise reflective surfaces to allow light to move around for a roomy effect, and go with white or light colours. Make sure that you don’t cram a lot of amenities in your bathroom and choose only the necessary ones.

Made to Standout

Latest glass shower stalls in the market, such as those offered by leading companies like Ocean Bath and More, are not just built to last but also built to impress. They complement most contemporary designs and are composed of high-quality materials. Pair such showers with stunning mosaic tiles and dark-coloured fixtures that visually pop out. More often than not, the secret to eye-catching bathrooms are in the details—details that create a balanced contrast and give off a unique visual appeal.

These days, glass shower stalls are among the primary elements of contemporary bathrooms. By keeping in mind the pointers enumerated above, you’ll end up with a bath that provides utmost functionality and boosts the overall value of your home.

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