Shower Safety – Something You Should Know

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Here is a loaded question. What is more dangerous? Showering in tap water or drinking it?

Obviously, having been told that this is a loaded question, you’re likely thinking that there’s something to the whole showering bit. And you would be right. But why?

To help you understand, here are a few well-known facts. Just reading them in one place one after another should make the potential health concerns obvious as a chicken dressed in a tuxedo on the dance floor.

  • Treated tap water contains harmful chemicals that could cause negative reaction if ingested or inhaled especially in large quantities or continuously.
  • Our skin act as filters to screen out harmful elements from entering our bodies.
  • When heated, our pores open up.
  • Open pores are more susceptible foreign particles or chemicals.
  • Warm or hot showers and baths open up the skin pores all over the body.
  • Hot showers produce steam.
  • Steam can carry harmful chemicals present in the water.
  • Long term exposure to chemicals such as chlorine can cause respiratory problems if inhaled continuously or for long periods of time.
  • Chemicals introduced to the body by breathing can enter the blood system more quickly and cause multiple issues than ingesting them.
  • Many swimming pool kits caution users to limit chlorine use to maximum of 3ppm (parts per million) as potentially hazardous (you can see the recommended level here is actually a lot lower than 3ppm).
  • Tap water is often disinfected with chlorine at concentration levels of 3ppm.

protect your glass showerWhen you break down the elements of risk for showering with regular untreated tap water, the potential risks become painfully obvious. Getting a filter to reduce or eliminate traces of chlorine from your house’s water supply will go a long way to protect your family’s health.

While you are at it, you may consider a combination of water softener with a chlorine filtration system. That way, you will reap the benefits of clean water as well as reduce any mineral buildup on your beautiful glass shower doors. It will not only keep your shower looking beautiful, it will add years to your investment as well.